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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ASPIS mean?

Anna’s Stretching Philosophy International Studio.

ASPIS is a snake . Historically The symbol of a snake represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, body transformation, immortality, and healing.

Do you have a trial lesson?

We run promotions for our new clients. Check our available offers and pricing on this website , Mindbody or social media.

I signed up for the lesson today but my plans have changed. Can I cancel the lesson today?

If you paid for the lesson already, money are non refundable. We don’t give refunds, but you can make up for a missed class. Check our schedule and you are welcome to join next class that will work for you. If you have any questions, please contact Aspis Studio for more information.

How long does it takes to do the splits?

Everyone can eventually learn to do the splits. Most people weren’t born flexible. You just have to put some effort into stretching. Recommend to do stretching classes minimum twice a week with our coaches and also work on your splits 15-30 min. daily by yourself if you want to have better result. You should already be able to get close to the splits on a regular basis by using exercises from our classes. If you want to get to full splits within a few weeks then you have to practice twice a day, without fail, for about 15/25 minutes at time.

What clothes do I have to have for classes?

Wear comfortable, sporty clothes. We provide mats for our clients, but for hygiene purposes you can also bring your own mat if you would like to.

What is private bungee party?

Perform bungee flips to bungee flying, from fun to out-of-this-world experiences, book an incredible event at the best red fancy party place! You’re going to love it because we make it very special for you!

FUN: Our indoor low capacity place with awesome bungee equipment is a fun place for kids and adults.
EASY: We make birthday parties effortless for you.
PRIVATE: Parties that come together stay together. Our facility is very private and secure.

⁃ Fly bungee experience with instructor 45 min
⁃ Amazing atmosphere with music and dance
⁃ Photo and Video
⁃ Food and drinks ( object to be discussed with a host )
⁃ Memorable 2 hours of modern fitness entertainment

⁃ Unique interior design
⁃ Changing room and lockers
⁃ Kitchenette with fridge
⁃ Lounge room
⁃ TV
⁃ Bluetooth speakers
⁃ Free Wi-Fi

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